Josie the Singing Butterfly


Filled with vivid imagery, colorful characters, and catchy rhymes, this picture book for children follows a singing butterfly named Josie as she makes new friends and frolics through the outdoors on delightful adventures. She sings in the morning and all through the day.

In Josie the Singing Butterfly by author Josie Waverly, Josie meets a baby bear, an old horse, baby birds, and a tiny turtle who all have different problems. She helps them through their difficult times, and the animals learn important life lessons about friendship, kindness, perseverance, and the importance of lending a helping hand. In this first of a four-volume, twenty story series, we meet Josie the Singing Butterfly who is a special butterfly that experiences many exciting adventures. Volume #1 and those to follow offer delightful stories filled with both pictures and words that help young readers learn more about the world around them.