There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing children (and adults) are enjoying Josie the Singing Butterfly!

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“Just bought this book at the Hilton Family Pharmacy and I am SO impressed!!! It has GREAT stories, wonderful rhyme and lessons we ALL could learn, not just children. Wonderful book, Josie Waverly!!” ~Jack F.

“Josie Waverly, I received my book today and I love it. I will be mailing to my granddaughter tomorrow. The pictures, colors and stories are great. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!” ~Marcia Liese Yockel

“This is a very beautiful book. The kids will love the stories. The moral of each story is perfect.” ~Annika Tricia D’Andrea,¬†owner & CEO of “Tender Loving Family Care” a day care for Seniors as well as children in Brockport, NY

“Hi Josie, we got your book and coloring book for our daughter at the assisted living center you performed at in October. She loves your book and character!!! Even though she is older (9 yrs.) the story “sang” to her! We attended the concert for your brother in Hilton (beautiful) and when you had the children come up on stage with you it was so evident that you have a way with them. We’re so glad that you are writing children’s books now!” ~Suzie B.

“I absolutely love this book. Any child will gladly fall in love with Josie the Butterfly. The artwork, brilliant colors, and Josie’ s lesson at the end was just the perfect combination for little eyes and ears to see and hear. I will put my book up. I just had a granddaughter married and will give it to my first great grandchild. I will be anxiously awaiting for each book to come out. Thank you girls for a job well done!” ~Joadie G.

“I love this book, the lesson it teaches and the illustrations are awesome. I bought one for all of my grand children and one for myself. I can’t wait for the next in the series!” ~Donna S.

“Bought 5 books, great for Christmas or birthday gifts or just because! Very colorful will keep kids attention, be sure to get yours now!” ~Diane S.

“I have many grandchildren and can’t wait for all of them to read,”Josie the Singing Butterfly.” It’s a beautifully written and illustrated book for young readers and “grandmas” to read to preschoolers. Can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out!” ~Marie K.

“I presented my 7yr. old Nephew with book #1 in Josie’s series and he absolutely loved it. He suffers from ADHD and was able to sit and read me the entire book with only a few helps from me on a few words. He is starting a reading program in school and is going to make this book his first read. He is really looking forward to all the books to come. He love the pictures too! Josie the singing butterfly makes you smile just looking at her! Job well done Ladies!” ~Jill W.

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